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Grizzly, Grey, Dark Brown,
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These top grade sheepskin pelts are practical and versatile, at one time we ran an ad in the paper: "33 uses for a sheepskin" but our customers kept adding to the list. They are great rugs, exercise mats, sleeping pads for camping, and kids love them. Besides, they just look great over the back of a chair or couch or on the floor.

Sheepskin comes in a whole range of color and sizes, we have some beautiful, unique pelts from the Southwest in natural blacks and greys and browns. We always have champagne colored pelts from American and New Zealand sheep. We also stock infant care and medical use pelts.

Sheepskins measure around eight to ten square feet or about two and a half by three and a half feet. We can also sew multiple skins together if you need a larger rug or bedspread.

Prices and color sometimes vary depending on what is available to us. Prices currently range from $69 to $139.

Feel free to call and talk to Gary and we will tell you what we have in stock as far as color and size.

Order!! 1-800-99SLIPS
Shipping: We charge whatever UPS or the post office charges us to ship pelts, usually around $10 to $12 west of the Mississippi and $12 to $15 east of the Mississippi.


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