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* Are your products made in America?
... Yes, our products (slippers, mittens, and hats) are made in America. In fact, they are made right here in our shop in East Helena. With one exception, our gloves are imported (China, where else?) but of good quality and great value.

* Where are your sheepskin rug pelts from?
... Our rug pelts are sourced either in the USA, New Zealand, or Australia.

* Do you have my size in stock?
... Yes, we always have all sizes in stock.

* I don't have average sized feet, can you make me slippers?
... Yes. We can make slippers wider or narrower. Our standard sizes fit from a B to and E width. If you need narrower (A thru AAA) we can do that at no cost to you. If you need wider (EE and above) we charge an extra $15 for hard soles and an extra $10 for sheepskin soles, due to the hand cutting and extra time involved. If you send us a tracing of each foot on a separate piece of paper it really helps.

We also make slippers to fit problem feet; diabetics and congestive heart conditions for example.

* Do you make half sizes?
... No, we only make full sizes.

* What size should I order if I am a half size?
... ALWAYS order the next full size lower, for example if you take a Mens 10 1/2 order a Mens size 10.

* Why?
... Sheepskin has a natural stretch to it. Combine that with the fact that the wool will pack down too. With a little wear, your slippers will fit you just the way they should. Believe me on this one.

* Should my slippers (or hat) fit tight?
... Yes! (See Above)

* Are your hats and mittens warm?
Yes, they are wam ... really warm.

* Do you make coats or vests?
... No, we do not make coats or vests or work with leather other than our own sheepskin.

* What are your hours?

... Monday thru Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm Mountain Time.
... Saturday, 11am - 4pm.
... Sundays (Thanksgiving - Christmas) 11am - 4pm.
... In the offseason (April - August) we are often gone on the weekends.



P.O. BOX 1410--5 WEST MAIN,  EAST HELENA, MT 59635
1-800-99SLIPS or (406) 227-8965     FAX: (406) 227-9047